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Cross ion. Gel Tinten Schreiber


Fits in Most PDA's!


What happens when you combine convenience with functionality? You get the new Cross MicroPen, with both a retractable Ball-point pen tip and a PDA stylus tip. One tip is a polymeric stylus for the patented "pen-on-paper" feel. The opposite tip is the propel/retract ball-point pen mechanism with a black ink refill included. This great new combo is 4" (101.6 mm) long and 0.185" (4.7 mm) in diameter. Created with a soft-touch shell for your writing comfort, it weighs only 0.282 ounces (8 grams) with refill. Like all Cross writing instruments, MicroPen comes with a lifetime mechanical guarantee.

Der neue Cross Micropen PDA ist bei uns im Fachhandel erhältlich.

A gel ink refill is used with the Morph² Rollerball Pen. The refill endcap engages the pen mechanism to simultaneously propel the refill and “morph” the expandable grip. For this reason, the capless Morph² Rollerball will only accept Cross gel rolling ball refills. Available in black, blue, and red.

Den neuen morph2  erhalten Sie bei uns ab dem 2.5.2002
Cross Matrix Pens
Bear in mind, this is no ordinary inkslinger. The Cross Matrix is the only multi-functional pen with an optional fountain pen or rolling ball pen attachment. Standard features include dual ball-point refills and PDA stylus. Additional options include gel rolling ball refills in six colors and a document marker refill. All this in one pen, one unmistakably modern Cross pen.

Ink and Beyond
Cross Matrix is a uniquely versatile writing instrument, providing up to five writing options in a single pen. Cross Matrix refills give you even more choices.

bulletChoose from three ink colors for the dual ball-point pens.
bulletSelect from six gel ink colors for the rolling ball pen or opt for the document marker refill.
bulletInk cartridges, for the fountain pen accessory, are available in three colors.
bulletEvery Cross Matrix pen includes a polymeric PDA stylus tip.
Den neuen Matrix erhalten Sie bei uns ab dem 2.5.2002

For use with your PDA!


Morph DigitalWriter Duo:
Patented polymeric stylus tip on one end, ball-point refill on the other.


Radiance DigitalWriter Duo:
Patented polymeric stylus tip on one end, Selectip rolling ball refill on the other.


Stylus Refill:
With this simple refill, any Cross Ball-Point pen can be used in combination with your PDA.


Der neue Cross Morph PDA ist bei uns im Fachhandel erhältlich.

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